C. Richard Kenawell Jr.

Assertion Statement

The work is intended to reflect back the aesthetics the Creator has shared by setting and limiting parameters.  These self-imposed controls allow a deeper exploration of the intrinsic beauty that can be discovered by a close look at most if not all parts of goodness.  The work is pressed on by these restraints and never limited to them.

The effort is to produce images that deeply discover the quality of explored aspects to stand the test of history.  The work is discoverable many times over with the first focus on composition of space and delight in color.  The artist experiences the process as a joyful pursuit of purpose and humility.  Hope allows the possibility of bringing viewers closer to their own true reason for life and positive motivation.  With an element of reaction against metaphoric darkness, choice is accepted with conviction and pursued towards virtue.

The subjects are not necessarily statements on life or revelations of spirit.  They are not advanced as symbolic gestures albeit unavoidable.  The initial approach is nearly ratiocinative.  The subject matter choice is considered as a support to the conditions of aesthetics.  The subject becomes a place to work or the ground to manipulate.  Among all the elements of design the first focus becomes color.  By limiting the subject elements it is possible to weave strokes and layers of color with a free application.  A similar approach is taken with a limited color palette.  This enables a more in depth exploration of that portion of the color spectrum.  There is a great interest in simultaneous contrast, the effect each paint stroke has on the intensity of its adjacent colors.  It is gratifying to explore the delicate impact each color has on those around them to heighten the deliciousness of each area.

Composition is pushed to its limits.  By limiting the subject elements the viewer is able to become more sensitized towards the impact of composition.  Both asymmetrical and symmetrical distributions are pushed as far as possible to revel in the resolution of created tensions.  Tension is also attained by using non-typical motifs like shadows and reflections as subjects in themselves.

By concentrating in smaller sections of vision and exploring to deeper levels, unpretentious subjects are woven to life through texture, transparencies, color and the many other design elements.

Aspects of chance are introduced to be resolved.  Risks are taken toward growth.  Openness is balanced with motivation against loss of continuity.

Each painting begins with an idea that is an incisive aggregation of positive and negative space formed by compositional tensions and subject motifs congenital to the artist perception.

A Sketch develops the primary composition and direction of emphasis.

In the Initial layout the idea is re-sketched with a coat of restricted palette under-painting establishing the primary value levels.

The Execution is a process of exploring many elements of interest in an evolving composition of tensions and resolutions.  Building on insight from earlier work and maintaining openness.

A Closing is reached by acquiring the delightful balance of freshness and conclusion.




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